From Hong Kong

It was August 2016 when I got my new job and started reading the book "My Book of Faith". I was also having a very difficult time dealing with my unpleasant employer here in Hong kong. After being a black sheep of the family, frustration made me sink deeper and the only thing I know is to turn and made God as my only choice. A month later all I want is to attend the mass receive the holy communion and pray the feeling of " missing" and "longing" for God was extremely strong , feeling so homesick I couldn't help my self but to cry its like missing the closest person whom youve never see for a very long period of time. What I did is I isolated myself in prayer and just let the storm blow when i feel down i keep reading the book again and again it was my great solace and even now. After a year of doing this I began feeling so discourage it seems God is not answering my prayer I started to doubt again I even stop praying and talking to Him but deep inside my heart there's still the feeling of wanting to know more about God,attending mass every Sunday is my life.

Then one day we went mountain climbing with my friends in hoping I can hear God's voice there, sounds crazy and I think I was already crazy but still I cannot hear God. On our way home I can feel there was something wrong with me the goose bump was very unusual but I just ignore it for a week until one day one of my friend ask me if I know someone who can help him understand what was happening to him and the only one who comes in mind is Tita Wilma so I ask her and only to realized it is somehow God's way to lead me back to Him. That night before I sleep was listening to the song "Umagang Kay Ganda" which Tita Wilma shared to me as God's universal message, then I began to cry and talking to God like a child who was very angry to her father for not granting my request. I remember what I said "God you said you are always here with me but where are you?!! I couldn't even hear you why you dont talk to me now? Why,why,why and lots of why's." I was drowning in tears until I fall asleep.

The next morning when I woke up I feel so heavy the goose bump was still there and its more getting weird so again I called Tita Wilma who was there for me from the start and we found out that it is a restless soul who followed me home, She instruct me to get a revitalizor so I was rushing myself to get one then i found myself in the middle of Japan Home and Tita was still talking to me in other line we prayed in the middle of a crowded place it is the time when I heard the voice "This is how you should talk to me, like a bestfriend, Talk to me like how you talk to Tita Wilma" I stood still at great awe, wait.....who was that??? And I can feel in my heart the "kilig factor" like the feeling you've fall in love for the first time it really feels so Good!!! While turning again and again inside Japan Home and still cannot find revitalizor I heard again saying "you don't need yourself depend on Me for I Am all you need" this is when I finally say to myself "the search is over" I finally found my true love in the middle of nowhere and I realized that God is really with us He never leaves us, we may give up on Him but He never give up in us we need to believe that God is love that He does talk back we just need to listen. In my case when I was almost to give up on Him, He was there to catched me and always here. We need to pray from our heart, open our heart to Him so He can get in.

For now my life began to change He always exceed my expectation and all I can say is I'm back to "Life" I'm living mylife for a purpose that God put me in from the beggining. Dear readers Remember this always whatever God did to me He can do it to all of us so don't give up read the book and plant it in your heart. Learn to pray from you heart because to experience God is a "true prayer" and that is called "Holy". May God bless you all and grant the grace of understanding the book. FYI-- even this testimony comes from God I ask Him to help me.

-Belinda Ortiz Valmores

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